Our professionals have several decades of experience with information security and computer forensics, including investigations, offensive and defensive tactics, LAN/WAN architecture, voice and data communications, and due diligence and vetting of commercial solutions. We have consulted for many Fortune and Global 500 companies, pioneering technologies such as micro-payment systems, network storage, secure commercial video and audio broadcast, and network security tools.

But our people are more than just technical. We have experience working in the intelligence community and the Department of Defense. We have several lawyers amongst our founders, who have, in turn, worked as in-house counsel and at the C-level for some of the world’s largest companies and law firms.

It is important to note that we are not comprised of lawyers who became interested in information security in recent years; but rather, we have on board information security professionals who became lawyers.

We are regularly consulted by the media, and state and federal agencies, to opine on matters both legal and technical, and our published writings range from scholarly works, to bar journals, to op-editorials featured on The Intercept.

Our multi-disciplinary approach is unmistakable and is unique amongst our peers.