Adapting to the complexity of information security is critical for businesses.  With the theft of IP, trade secrets, research and development data, personal data, and financial records steadily on the rise, information security is an existential issue and business imperative.  

Within a legally privileged context to minimize risk and client exposure, Black Chambers performs organization-wide and targeted security assessments, encompassing both physical and digital security.  Combining the skillsets of information security and legal professionals allows Black Chambers to address security design and compliance as an ecosystem, and not in a tick-the-box manner.

Black Chambers professionals begin each engagement with a risk assessment.  Understanding an organization’s business and the identification of core assets are a critical component of this, together with the gathering and analysis of intelligence from outside sources.  

Through the lens of a risk assessment, physical and network security architecture and policies are then reviewed, assessed, revised, and remediated to harden defenses around core assets, allowing organizations to be ahead of best-practices curves.

Our professionals have rich and varied experience with large-scale vulnerability assessments.  Assess and documenting, however, is not sufficient: our professionals assist with not only with  technical remediation, but with adapting and transitioning to information security processes, policies, and procedures designed to reinforce an organization’s all-around security posture.