The partnership between Black Chambers and Blackstone Law Group lends itself to discreet and sensitive investigations aimed at uncovering or resolving misconduct involving technology.

We have expertise concerning the misuse of internal systems, insider threat identification, detection of exfiltration of confidential information, uncovering identities of anonymous defamatory statements, piracy and copyright infringement, and many other forms of misconduct. Blackstone Law Group, in turn, has complementary experience with whistleblowing and compartmentalized internal investigations in corporate settings.

Throughout the investigative process, Blackstone Law Group provides litigation-avoidance advice and other confidential legal counseling designed to avoid regulatory intervention and limit exposure to liability.

Further, by working with Blackstone Law Group, the full range of legal process complements our InfoSec investigations. Our partnership enables lawyers to draft subpoenas compelling production of information from third parties otherwise unavailable, draft and file actions leading to discovery, and negotiate directly with in-house counsel for the release of information in accordance with terms of services, privacy policies, or state and federal law.